Coaching you to thrive in your professional or personal environment

Tamarisk Coaching offers Developmental Coaching for executives, leaders, managers, professionals and individuals: working with you to help you thrive and be resilient in your personal or professional environment. 

If you have a desire to improve, coaching can be an essential catalyst to bring clarity to what can seem like a very complex picture in both professional and personal contexts. 

Being in a leadership or a managerial role can be a lonely experience. You are under significant pressure to perform but don't always have an avenue to explore how you can develop and balance the professional and personal wellbeing you need in order to excel. Tamarisk Coaching focuses on understanding the whole person in order to improve performance both at work and at home.

Tamarisk Coaching recognises that coaching is not only an effective tool in the professional environment but has equal status in thriving in personal life. Whether you are navigating career decisions or seeking to get the right work-life balance, coaching can be a great tool to improve impact.

The name Tamarisk Coaching is inspired by the Tamarisk tree that thrives in some of the harshest environments in the world where not many other species survive. The pressures of the professional and personal environments in society today can at times need extreme resilience and that is where the aim of Tamarisk Coaching is ‘to support the person to thrive in and beyond the professional environment.’

You might be

  • feeling 'stuck' and unsure how to move forward
  • battling to find the right work-life balance
  • looking for a way to resolve conflict
  • wanting to build confidence 
  • struggling to be resilient in a particular situation
  • anxious about your wellbeing
  • in need of impartial support whilst you work through a personal or professional challenge

I can help you

  • understand how to make confident career and life decisions 
  • develop strategic planning in your business and personal life 
  • formulate strategies that help you cope with stressful situations
  • manage conflict effectively
  • improve workplace performance
  • cope with workload and prioritise effectively 
  • nurture effective communication skills
  • unlock your potential
  • take control

Whatever your starting point, Tamarisk Coaching offers a confidential environment where you are supported and challenged to explore, discuss and unpick major decisions in your work or personal life to enable you not just to survive, but to thrive, and be the best that you can be - whatever that might look like for you.

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